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Welcome to my Spock/Uhura Universe. Sit back and enjoy the two most exotic beings on the bridge of the Enterprise! Spock and Uhura.

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  • Games People Play
  • Spock finds that all games are not trivial.
    Series: TOS; Rating: (G); Spock/Uhura

  • That Ole' Christmas Feeling 
    Uhura shares a bit of home
    Series: TOS; Rating: (G); Spock/Uhura

  • Secrets
    Someone hears something that wasn't meant to be heard them.
    Series: TOS; Rating: (G); Spock/Uhura and Amanda

  • According To Her Will
    Spock tries to face emotions…logically.
    Series: TOS; Rating: (PG); Spock/Uhura & others

  • Ambushed
    (3nd Place Golden OS Awards 2005)
    Uhura doesn't quite know Spock like she thought.
    Series: TOS; Rating: (R); Spock/Uhura & others

  • All Hail The Queen
    Christine's jealous rampage affects Uhura, even in her subconscious mind.
    Series: TOS; Rating: (PG); Spock/Uhura & others

  • Smooth Operator
    Uhura is on leave and meet a dashingly handsome man who wants to give her the perfect gift, himself.
    Series: TOS; Rating: (PG); Spock/Uhura

  • Their Inner Voice

  • Six crew members are in another dimension forced to hear their inner voice. Revealing Secret Thoughts !! Series: TOS; Rating: (PG); Kirk - Spock - McCoy - Spock/Uhura - Sulu - Chekov

  • A New Beginning - Iinar (Part I)

  • Trapped on a primitive planet , Spock/Uhura discover each other thanks to a golden flower.
    Series: TOS; Rating: (PG-17); Spock/Uhura Kirk - McCoy - Sulu


  • The Valentine Duel
  • Uhura is informed about her future and she refuses to accept it.
    Series: TOS; Rating: (PG); Spock/Uhura

  • Unexpected Awakenings
    (3nd Place ASC Awards 2004)
  • Uhura discovers there is another besides Christine Chapel who is in love with Spock, First Officer of the Enterprise.
    Series: TOS; Rating: (PG-13); Spock/Uhura

  • The Conspiracy
  • Uhura finds out if she's really hallucinating after a return trip from an assignment in a newly discovered quadrant.
    Series: TOS; Rating: (PG); Spock/Uhura

  • Who's Got The Tribble
    (2nd Place ASC Awards 2004)

  • Uhura finds a surprise under her console.
    Series: TOS; Rating: (PG); Spock/Uhura - Ensemble

  • What's A Feather

  • Spock and the Romulan Commander have alot to learn.
    Series: TOS; Rating: (PG); Code: Spock/Uhura - Romulan Commander

  • Ambassador - Updated 11/16/05

  • Uhura and the bridge crew negotiate for mineral rights from the planet Tavia.
    Series: TOS; Rating: (PG); Code: Spock/Uhura

  • He's Coming

  • Spock is looking for someone in hiding.
    Series: TOS; Rating: (G); Spock - Crew

  • The Promise

  • I wrote this story inspired by Universals Movie Peter Pan; Series: TOS; Rating: (G); Code: Spock/Uhura

  • From The Desk Of

  • Classified Intership Document; Series: TOS; Rating: (PG); Code: Spock/Uhura

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